Technical Visit & Social Program


Technical Visit at DLR Test Center Lampoldshausen
Thursday, September13, 2018

The German Aerospace Centre (DLR) boasts unique expertise in developing and operating engine test facilities in Europe. The site in Lampoldshausen (70 km north of Stuttgart), for instance, has been used for testing and further developing engines for rockets and space systems since 1959. This research is part of the European space program. With the Ariane launcher rocket family, Europe is able to independently inject satellites into orbit for all kinds of applications, thereby securing competitive, autonomous access to outer space – a pre-requisite for unrestricted satellite data usage. One of DLR's key roles in Lampoldshausen is to plan, build and operate test beds for space propulsion systems on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA) and in collaboration with the European space industry.  

The ongoing research work at the Institute of Space Propulsion focuses on fundamental research into the combustion processes in rocket engines and air-breathing engines for future space transport systems. Cryogenic liquid rocket engines, gel rocket engines, hybrid rocket engines, rocket engines with advanced green propellants (for e.g. hydrazine replacement) are main working areas. The research and technology development activities cover all relevant aspects of rocket engines with flowable propellants, i.e. feeding system, rheology and flow processes, injector processes and atomization, mixing, combustor and thrust chamber processes, heat transfer and cooling, nozzle flows, system analysis, etc. The Institute is also concerned with the development and application of advanced intrusive and non-intrusive measurement techniques for high-temperature gas and multiphase flows.

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DLR-Institute of Space Propulsion and ArianeGroup
Thursday, September 13, 2018, 08:00 - 18:30

Meeting point: Lobby/ Main Entrance Hotel Le Meridien
Please come to the meeting point 15 min prior bus departure.
Bus transfer departure time at Hotel Le Meridien: 08:15 hrs

Transfer to German Aerospace Center in Lampoldshausen, expected arrival time: 10:00 hrs

Buses will take you back to Stuttgart (Hotel Le Meridien) after the technical visit.
Departure time from Lampoldshausen: 17:00 hrs
Expected arrival at Stuttgart (Hotel Le Meridien): 18:30 hrs

Please register for this excursion to DLR Lampolshausen here.


Social Program

Welcome Reception

The welcome reception will be held at the Le Meridien Hotel, Stuttgart on Sunday evening September 9, 2018.
The reception will be open to all the registered delegates, partners and invited guests, students and accompanying persons. Participants who want to attend the welcome reception are requested to make a registration here.

Conference Dinner

The conference dinner will take place in the evening of Wednesday, September 12,2018.

Location: Steinbachhof Event-GmbH, Hofgut Steinbachhof 1, 71665 Vaihingen an der Enz-Gündelbach.
There will be a shuttlebus on Wednesday evening to take participants an dtheir accompanying persons to the dinner location. After dinner the shuttlebus will take you back to Hotel Le Meridien, Stuttgart. More information about
meeting point and departure time will follow soon.

Participants and their accompanying persons who want to attend the conference dinner are requested to make registration here.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018, 19:30 - 23:00
Winery Steinbachhof, Hofgut Steinbachhof 1, 71665 Vaihingen an der Enz

Meeting point: Lobby Hotel Le Meridien (Bus 1)
Please come to the meeting point 15 min prior bus departure.
Bus transfer departure time from Hotel Le Meridien: 18:30 hrs

Meeting point: Front Entrance Hotel Steigenberger Graf Zeppelin Hotel (Bus 2)
Delegates staying in Hotel Motel One Hauptbahnhof are kindly asked to choose this option.
Please come to the meeting point at least 15 min prior to bus departure. Since the bus cannot
directly stop in front of the Hotel Motel One, it will depart from nearby Steigenberger Graf
Zeppelin Hotel, Arnulf-Klett-Platz 7, 70173 Stuttgart.
Bus transfer departure time for Hotel Motel One Stuttgart Hbf./ from Steigenberger
Graf Zeppelin Hotel: 18:30 hrs

Transfer to Winery Steinbachhof, expected arrival time: 19:30 hrs

There will be shuttles buses waiting to take you back to Hotel Le Meridien and
Hotel Motel One Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof after the conference dinner.
Departure time: 23:00 hrs