Technical Areas

The 18 main technical areas of 11-ISICP are:

1.   Innovative Methods in Energetic Material (EM) Development e.g. Nano Technology and Additive (Layer)
2.   Synthesis & Characterization of EMs
3.   Conventional, Advanced and Environmentally-friendly “Green” Propellants (e.g. Energetic Ionic Liquids (EILs),
      High Energy Density Materials (HEDM), High Nitrogen Compounds, etc.)
4.   Formulation, Processing, and Manufacturing of Energetic Materials
5.   Insensitive Munitions, Hazard Reduction, and Safety Aspects
6.   Combustor and Thrust Chamber Process Analysis
7.   Theoretical Modeling and Numerical Simulation for Chemical Propulsion (CP) and EM
8.   Performance Evaluation of EMs
9.   Aging, Stability, and Compatibility
10. Recycling, Disposal, and Environmental Aspects
11. Test Methods and Diagnostic Techniques in CP and Combustion of EMs
12. Ignition and Initiation Processes
13. Detonation and Deflagration Processes, Deflagration / Detonation Transition (DDT)
14. Thermobarics and Thermites
15. Innovative / Advanced Rocket Propulsion Techniques,Components and Systems
16. Rocket Thermal Protection Materials and Processes
17. Commercial Applications of EMs
18. Pyrotechnics